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Charging Policy

Kingsway Primary School, in conjunction with the Leicestershire Authority, supports the principle of free school education. The 1988 Education Reform Act allows Local Authorities and Governors the discretion to make charges under certain circumstances and this document gives details on charges and remissions at Kingsway Primary School.




  1. Goods broken/lost by pupils
    A request for payment to replace goods lost or damaged by pupils can be sent home informing parents of the incident and the amount involved.  The school office will issue an invoice and provide an official receipt.
  2. Damage by pupils
    Parents will be asked to pay towards the cost of replacing broken windows or any defaced or damaged property, when this is the result of a pupil’s inappropriate behaviour.
  3. Reprographics
    Charges for private photocopying undertaken by the school may be subject to VAT at the current rate, where applicable.
  4. Private telephone calls/faxes
    All private telephone calls should be reported to the school office.  Bills may be issued to individual users.




Kingsway Primary School will finance the following from the resources made available to the school by the Local Authority.


  1. The school will supply books, materials and other equipment for use in connection with education provided during the school day.
  2. The school will provide essential protective safety equipment e.g. safety goggles.
  3. Parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution for materials and ingredients used in Art, Design and Technology and Food Technology.  Details of these contributions will be recorded by the school office.
  4. Educational trips and visits will be dependant on parents’ willingness to contribute towards the cost.  Visits will only be able to go ahead if there is sufficient financial support for the visit.  Prior to any visit being arranged a letter will be sent out to parents identifying the level of contribution necessary for the trip to go ahead.
  5. In the case of all trips and visits, pupils receiving/eligible for free school meals will be supported from the Opportunity Fund (conditions apply).
  6. For educational activities which occur during school time, e.g. visiting theatre groups, authors etc, a contribution will be requested.  The activity will only be able to go ahead if there is sufficient financial support.
  7. No child will be excluded from activities under point 6 due to failure of their parent/carer to pay a contribution.  However the school reserves the right to cancel the visit if sufficient contributions are not forthcoming.
  8. School uniform and various other items of school equipment can be purchased from the school office.  The price list is available from the school office.