Kingsway's Ofsted reports are available from the Ofsted website.

The school performance tables are on the Department for Education website.

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Staff List

The staff who work with the children day to day are divided into teaching staff and support staff as shown below:

Senior Management Team
Julie Olsen Headteacher
Kirsty Ison Deputy Head & KS2 leader
Team Leaders Teaching Support Staff Team Leader
Janice Davison Foundation Stage Leader Pauline Heathcote
Lesley Brooks Senco
Class Teachers Teaching Support Staff
Tracy Lakin Foundation Stage Teacher Alison Dagley Lesley Martin
Sian Williams Year 1 Teacher Angela Shuck Mary Hollingsworth
Teresa Kennedy Year 1 Teacher Chris Phillips Nicky Smith
Jackie Goodwin Year 1 Teacher Gail Potter Nicola Brookes
Johanna Eardley Year 2 Teacher Julie Crowther Pauline Todd
Tracey Palmer Year 2 Teacher Katie Crowther Sue Pollard
Annie Jordan Year 2 Teacher Lauren King Terri Towers
Ami Duffy Year 2 Teacher Lisa Vickers Debbie Watson
Louise Compton Year 2 Teacher
Taylor Brooks Year 3/4 Teacher
Emily Banks Year 3/4 Teacher
Lucy Pearce Year 3/4 Teacher
Ruth Brooks Year 5/6 Teacher
 Emilie Morris Year 5/6 Teacher  Katie Worth Maternity leave
 Sian Kitching  Year 5/6 Teacher  Gemma Painter Maternity leave
Support staff Premises staff
Ann Pearce Office Manager Stephen Cope Premises Officer
Jenny Mason Admin Officer Ann Fox Cleaner
Wendy Jones Cleaner
Pete Johnson Network Manager Wendy Penn Cleaner
Jane Moore Attendance Officer
Midday supervisors Kitchen Staff
Alison Dagley  Lisa Hollingsworth Adele Summerfield
Amanda Simpson Stacey Cramp Chris Allen
Christine Phillips Mary Hollingsworth
Donna Brookfield Pauline Heathcote
Shane Loach Katie Wright
Elaine Guiney  Jodie Gough


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