Sport Premium

Sport Premium funding, also known as Olympic Legacy funding, for Physical Education and School Sport was announced by the government in March 2013. This substantial sum of £150m per year is going directly to schools, running from September 2013 to August 2020. The new ‘ring-fenced’ funding – only to be spent on PE and sport – will go directly to schools who will decide what is best for their children’s needs with the aim of improving the quality of provision in every state primary school in England. This could vary from specialist coaching for school sport and teacher training for Physical Education and Physical Literacy or to dedicated sports programmes, Change4Life sport clubs and support for after-school or weekend competitions.

Here at Kingsway we will be receiving around £8500 which in accordance with the guidance we will be channelling directly into developing the provision of Sport and PE throughout the school.

At Kingsway we aim to have a cycle for improvement in PE over the next five years.  We have identified areas for development in PE. These are as follows:  

  • Staff subject knowledge.
  • Increasing participation and long term ‘love’ of PE and school sport.

We will achieve this by using the Sports premium money in the following ways.

  1. Being spent on staff development working with a specialist teacher advisor. This is in the form of an outside agency. There will be a focus on developing teaching and subject knowledge in Physical Education. The specialist will work alongside teachers to help them develop their own skills through planning support, delivery of lessons and assessment. This support will be across KS2 to start and then moved to KS1. It will ensure that the skills of teachers and quality of PE lessons in school is significantly developed.
  2. Being spent on releasing the PE Subject Leader from teaching duties throughout the year in order to develop a wider network of competitive sports opportunities as well as turning the PE co-ordinator into a PE specialist.
  3. Being utilised by the Physical Education and School Sports Council for specialised programmes designed by pupils around Physical Activity and Physical Literacy as well as intra school competitions and festivals.
  4. Reserved to facilitate children attending sporting activities in school time.
  5. Subsidising specialist sports clubs in school that children may not otherwise have access to outside of school.
  6. Developing the equipment that is in school and updating this ready for competitions.

We have an action plan in place to achieve this and also a follow up maintenance cycle. Our aim is to use the Sports Premium to enhance our staffs’ skill set so that when it is gone, children are still receiving a fantastic sports provision. Before the Sports premium money, we did not have the opportunities to offer such diverse opportunities to the children. The funding is definitely improving skills both in teaching and learning. The impact on the children from the funding is:

  • More regular quality PE sessions. Children will be receiving two hours of PE taught lessons per week.
  • Children have more opportunities to participate in competitive sport. At a minimum each year group will be entered into one competition for their age group per year.
  • Children have access to a broader range of activities and to develop different skills. These come in the form of after school clubs and a differing range of activities and skills offered in taught PE lessons.

The impact of this funding will be measured through:

  • Pupil perception questionnaires and pupil voice opportunities through a Physical Education and School Sport Council measuring the interest of children in different areas of the PE curriculum;
  • Direct feedback by teachers on the quality of support offered by the specialist coaches for individual school sports;
  • Direct feedback from teachers on the quality of support offered by specialists in Physical Education teaching and development of Physical Literacy and Physical Fluency;
  • Evaluation of the teaching of Physical Education lessons;
  • Evaluation of the quality of provision of extra-curricular clubs in relation to physical activity and school sport;
  • The increase in the number of children engaging in inter school sporting activities;
  • The increase in quality of provision and opportunities within the curriculum to take part in ‘active learning’ and ‘outdoor learning’;
  • Increase in the attainment and progress of children in relation to fundamental movement skills, physical fluency and key competencies across all activity areas delivered in curriculum Physical Education;
  • The number of children attending a club related to physical activity, the development of physical literacy and physical fluency or sports club either in school or outside of school in the local community.


2015-2016 Expenditure (PE Premium)

  • £600 on updating equipment.
  • £2360 on extra curricular clubs both after school and at lunchtime, with the aim being one club per night after school.
  • £620 on taking children to competitions throughout the year (aim to be at least 8 competitions.)
  • £385 on kit for staff and children to be able to consistently take part in PE in all weathers.
  • £5150 on Football and Fitness coaches to enhance and ensure 2 hours quality PE across KS2.


2016-2017 Proposed Expenditure (PE Premium)

  • £5960 – CPD through team teaching with Football and Fitness coaches across school (two year groups per term)
  • £1000 – Transport to competitions to go towards achieving School Games Mark (bronze or silver)
  • £1000 – CPD for subject leader (Level 6 qualification)
  • £1000 – Updating equipment to deliver a balanced and varied curriculum.


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