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Kingsway Pupil Premium Context and Spending 2016/2017

12.73% of students currently on-roll at Kingsway Primary School are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. The school will receive £52,800 in Pupil Premium Funding for the year 2016/17. The funds will be spent to narrow the achievement gap between Pupil Premium students and the rest of the school cohort. This is done by enhancing provision, providing support and ensuring that Pupil Premium students have full access to the curriculum and any barriers to their achievement are removed.

In (2016/17) the following students are entitled to access Pupil Premium funding:


Year Group Access to Pupil Premium
Rec 4 students / 8.89% of cohort
1 4 students / 8.33% of cohort
2 4 students / 9.75% of cohort
3 3 students / 6.66% of cohort
4 7 students / 15.21% of cohort
5 7 students / 17.07% of cohort
6 12 students / 25% of cohort
Total 40 students / 12.73% of School cohort

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