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Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. It was allocated to children from low-income families who were known to be eligible for free school meals, and children who had been looked after continuously for more than six months. Eligibility for the Pupil Premium was extended to pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever6 Free School Meals measure). Schools also receive funding of a smaller amount for the children of service personnel.

Schools are accountable for how they use Pupil Premium funding to support low-income families and other target groups. Measures have been included in the performance tables that show achievement of students who are eligible the Pupil Premium.

Who is eligible?

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Pupil premium champion

In January 2015 we introduced the new role of Pupil Premium Champion. One of the key aspects of their role is to close the attainment gap between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium cohorts. This is done by working to remove the barriers to learning for students and by supporting their personal and academic development.

Our key purpose in the creation of this role was to appoint a designated person to act as an advocate and champion the needs of our students who are eligible for Pupil Premium by working to remove barriers to learning for these students through the focused support of their personal and academic development.


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